Audio-visual artist and Creative Technologist
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Moonth is an alias of Michael Mesiats, an audiovisual artist and creative technologist based in Saint-Petersburg. In his artworks, organic forms blend with futuristic digital images by creating immersive worlds. Moonth explores generative graphics, motion sensors capture, and new media art. A significant part of his work is the interaction between music, dance, and digital media.
As a digital artist, he was commissioned for making a graphic for performances at Mariinsky Theatre and Hermitage Theatre. He was involved as a participant in Pixelfest, Saint-Petersburg Light Festival 2018, Odessa Light Fest, Gatchina Light Festival. His work was exhibited at Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, New York, and others both online and offline.

Adrift through the 4-dimensional hyper surface in neon light. Futuristic alien visuals generated by the mathematical algorithm.

Crystalline Flow
Sonic waves moves the crystal flow. Images of flowers turns into 3D system that reacts to music tension.
Audio-reactive video installation made in collaboration with ambient composer Dingo in Limbo

Vortex Mapping
3D mapping on SKK Building in Saint-Peterburg 3-5 November 2018.

Perception Vortex
An Audiovisual Installation created in 2018.

Visible images turn into memories. Memories constitute the flow of perception, in which perceives itself continuously changes. Photographic images of flowers and abstract objects made of plastic and glass distort themselves, are destroyed, manifesting a new form. The original image is no longer recognized. The texture and color are transformed into a three-dimensional space, the conscious image completely dissolves. There is only a sense of continuous visual flow.

Monokle - Remembrance Of Things
A music video for Monokle track "Remembrance Of Things". Created with Quartz Composer and Founded Footage in 2018.
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